Thank you!

July 13, 2017

Dear new clients,

It was almost three years ago that I met Paula Hersey at a Cape Cod Technology Council meeting. She was the first person to talk to the newcomer in the room (me) and she made me feel quite welcome; so much so that I subsequently became a Tech Council member, which I still am.

Since then we have met both at business functions and a few times for lunch. In addition to talking about “techie” things (which I won’t go into so your eyes don’t glaze over as you read this) Paula also mentioned that she was almost ready to close the web design chapter of her professional life. When she asked me if I would be interested in taking over website hosting for her clients, I was surprised – and honored.

In my former life I worked for many years as an accountant and following that as a consultant, mainly for aerospace and defense companies as a systems analyst. Right after deciding it was time to embark on a new career I discovered that I was going to unexpectedly have a child. Clearly that new career would no longer involve 100% travel, but I knew I wanted to continue in the technology sector.

It was about eight years ago that I started working in web design and development, starting with some web design classes at Cape Cod Community College before my son was born, and continuing, shortly thereafter, with part-time employment working on – what else? – a company’s website.

I still hold that part-time job, with the remainder of my work time devoted to my own business, Ryder Web Development. My three main focus areas are web development (new websites, website makeovers, website maintenance), web hosting and search engine optimization (SEO). While most of the work I do is in WordPress, as it seems to be the best fit for my clients, I am also happy to build or work on websites on other platforms. Additionally, I enjoy training clients on maintaining their own websites, as much as they would like to learn.

As a Cape Cod native, raising my son in the same town that I grew up in, my plan for a good many years into the future is to continue my business as a web developer and to provide the best customer service possible to all of my clients.

Thank you, Paula, for this opportunity.